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Dr. Rudman Holley Navarre Medical Clinic


Dr. Rudman has been providing quality medical care to the residents of the Florida panhandle since 1999. He studied at Tulane University before spending his junior year at the University of Wales in Swansea. Upon returning to America, he finished his undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Southern Mississippi.

"My experience overseas was certainly a life-changer for me. Not only did I learn about other cultures and attitudes, but I also met my wife there! I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Great Britain, but when it came time to return, I realized how much I missed the South".

He attended medical school in his native Mississippi, where he finished 15th in his class, receiving the Department of Psychiatry's highest honor along the way. He instead chose a career in Family Medicine and was selected to attend the prestigious Halifax Medical Center residency program in Daytona Beach.

"At the time, Halifax was the most competitive FP program in the Southeast. They had such a great reputation for providing the most experience to their residents. I delivered over 80 babies, worked alone in their urgent care centers and ER, I even performed a couple heart catheterizations! I also began working for NASCAR at the Daytona International Speedway, a job I kept up for about 13 years. After finishing my training in Daytona, I can honestly say I was well prepared for whatever walked through my door".

Dr. Rudman and his family immediately moved to the Emerald Coast, a place they had always loved. He first started practicing for a local hospital in Niceville before taking a job at Sacred Heart Medical Group in Destin. Before opening his own clinic in Navarre, he spent a year honing his style of family medicine and immediate care in Charlotte, opening an urgent care center for the fourth largest hospital group in the U.S.

"I learned alot from those early years. I was young then, and I tried to work as an employee for larger corporations. Unfortunately, the interests of hospitals and patients do not always overlap. While I learned from each opportunity, I also learned how not to run a medical practice. It also taught me that the best way to ensure high quality medical care was to remove all the impediments, all the bureaucrats, from between the doctor and patient. I realized that for me to bring my model of hometown quality medical attention to the area, I would have to do it myself".

He opened Holley Navarre Medical Clinic in 2005 and never looked back. After starting part-time seeing 4 patients a day and working local emergency rooms in Alabama and Florida to pay the bills, Dr. Rudman now has a thriving practice with an emphasis on our local military families. He is available for "acute" visits for things like cuts or illnesses, but you are also welcome to see him for physicals and evaluations. He and his staff look forward to meeting you and caring for your family.

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