Holley Navarre Medical Clinic - Joel Rudman, M.D.
About Us: 
We provide the following services to our patients:
Scheduled appointments
Physical exams
DOT exams
Same-day "acute" visits and walk-ins
Laceration repair
Pulmonary Function tests
Corneal abrasion testing
Ear irrigation
Foreign body removal
IUD removal
Skin biopsy
Pap smears
Psychotherapy and psychiatric evaluation
Holter monitors
In-house Strep, Influenza, urinalysis, pregnancy testing
In-house diabetic testing including glucose, HgbA1c, and microalbumin
Depression and anxiety screening
Antibiotic injections
Nebulizer therapy for asthma
Depot contraceptives
Referrals are granted by our physician as the situation warrants, at his discretion.Please remember that our doctor has almost two decades of experience taking care of all manners of injury and illness. He is comfortable seeing children as well as geriatric cases. NASCAR drivers and NFL athletes have trusted their care to him.
We ask that you not request referrals if you have not yet given our physician a chance to help you. There is a strong likelihood that your condition can be treated here.
Unfortunately, for liability reasons, there are some services we do not offer. We do not write narcotic prescriptions for chronic pain. We are not set up to offer drug screen testing.